How will the Broadcast Center help my organization?


How do you select the school crews to staff the Broadcast Center?

We look for schools in the surrounding area that offer a TV Production / Broadcast Journalism program and asses their work.  Once we are satisfied that they can perform the required tasks, we invite the instructor(s) to participate. We require that all students have permission from both the school and parents to participate. Instructors should accompany the group and are usually given passes to the conference events.


How many students are usually needed?

Depending on the size and scope of the assignments, we ask for 3-4 students to crew in the Broadcast Center (TC, Audio, Floor Director, ENG camera person) and 2-3 on-air talent for anchor desk and field reporting. 


What programming / packages will be created?

In order to make this as "real life" as possible, we give the students news assignments in advance of the event.  This gives them time to do research and prep work.  Some of the assignments include creating 3-5 minute packages that can be used on the newscasts, some will include stand-up field interviews. All students will be issued CREW passes which will allow them all-area access to gather B-roll for packages. 


What equipment will the students be using?

In most cases students will be using the same or very similar equipment to what they are used to in their school studio facility.  SVN uses NewTek TriCaster switchers, the EZ News Newsroom Management System, teleprompters, tally lights, audio, SONY cameras, and iKan lighting. 


Do the students need to bring any equipment?

We ask that the instructor bring one or more ENG kits (Camera, Tripod, Mic, Cable, and batteries/charger) for field reporting. We recommend that students bring a laptop for editing their packages.


What about food for the students?

School Video News will provide a hot lunch (usually pizza) and always have bottled water available.  Students are welcome to bring their own food in the case of dietary requirements.


Will any travel or parking expenses be reimbursed?

SVN will gladly reimburse students for any parking charges or misc. expenses that they incur.

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