Oct11School Video News offers free subscriptions to K-12 teachers and administrators of TV/Video Production, Broadcast Journalism and Film Production. You can view the current issue of any of the publications by clicking on the button at the bottom of the respective profile. We invite you to become a subscriber at anytime. Subscriptions to the SVN family of on-line publications and services are always free.

School Video News

Started as a quarterly, regional newsletter, School Video News has grown in popularity and content since its inception. Originally published as a four page product oriented newsletter featuring recommendations and a single case study, SVN has expanded coverage to include articles on all aspects of K-12 video production: lighting and audio, set construction/design tips, editing, increasing production values, case studies, projects and profiles of other schools. In addition to technical articles by industry professionals, there are product reviews, student projects, event coverage, and industry/academic news as they relate to TV/Video production. SVN is now the definitive resource for teachers and administrators of TV/Video, Film Production and Broadcast Journalism in the K-12 and Post-secondary academic markets.

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Launched in 2010, SVN-TV provides teachers and students with a safe, moderated video site for student-produced videos. In addition, SVN-TV provides a library of tutorials on all aspects of TV production.

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SVN Student Filmmaking

SVN Student Filmmaking is a new, free companion site to School Video News which showcases student-produced films and the students who created them. SVN Student Filmmaking also includes articles on all aspects of student film production including cinematography, audio, lighting, set design, as well as resource listings for film schools, workshops, books, film festivals, and web links.

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SVN Media Skills

In many schools teachers who, with little or no TV production experience or training, are being put in the role of creating not just a curriculum, but in some cases an entire production facility. The primary goal is to give instructors the resources which will  expose, train and nurture an on-going technical competence and understanding in those students that demonstrate an aptitude and interest in TV production as a possible career after graduation.

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