What prices are our services?

We believe that selling you an ad for a one month period is a complete waste of your money, so we won’t do it. If you are making the investment in academic marketing and advertising, we want to make it as cost-efficient as possible for you. It’s not going to cost you more nor save you any money to NOT participate in our Partner Campaigns, so get the greatest bang for the buck and let us help you.


What is included with a campaign or partnership?

In addition to ad space in the eMagazines, a campaign includes a monthly email blasts to our subscriber list, company and product profiles, and inclusion in any events where we have the Broadcast Center.


What payment methods do we accept?

We bill for advertising space and all other services in advance and use PayPal for invoicing and collection.  If you would simply use your credit card to remit, it makes our lives much easier!


Where will our ad appear?

Ads will appear in their location at a minimum on a single category page and in many cases on multiple pages within a single or multiple categories, depending on space availability.

Do you offer academic pricing?

Academic Pricing is available to accredited colleges, universities and select other institutions. We also extend discounts to recognized film festivals. Email us for more information: johnc@schoolvideonews.com


What file types does SVN support?

We accept the following creative units: JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF. Advertiser is responsible for all creative material and links. Files should be sent to caitlin@schoolvideonews.com


What additional services are available?

SVN can provide limited design services for ad creation.  In addition, we can help you create surveys for market reasearch. Please email us for pricing on these services: johnc@schoolvideonews.com


We don't want to run ads but just use eMail Blasts

SVN will not sell our subscriber list to anyone, but we will, on your behalf, send out email blasts dedicated to your product or services. We suggest and provide a three-tiered email approach. 

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