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School Video News and our publications have a variety of tools to get your company, products and service the brand recognition they so richly deserve. We feel, based on current Internet marketing and advertising research, that selling ad space alone does not provide what you need to grow your educational base.

We also believe that selling you an ad for a one month period is a complete waste of your money, so we won’t do it. If you are making the investment in academic marketing and advertising, we want to make it as cost-efficient as possible for you. It’s not going to cost you more nor save you any money to NOT participate in our Partner Campaigns, so get the greatest bang for the buck and let us help you.





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Editorial: Company Profile

Although some say that no one reads a company profile, we find that many of our teachers like to know the company behind the products they recommend, buy and subsequently use. In addition, they like to be able to email or call the vendor/manufacturer for more information or help. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our partners create an article similar to the “About Us” page on their website.

SVN will never charge for publishing a Company Profile. It is part of our policy to educate our readers of school-friendly companies. Our partners do, however, take priority on the editorial calendar.

Ad Space

As studies have shown, any Internet ad is viewed for an average of 3 seconds. We encourage you to create multiple ads that we can either rotate within the readers viewing time or change up on a regular bases, perhaps every three to four weeks. 

We offer two sizes of ads, four basic positions, and multiple locations within each issue.

Our horizontal ads are 1200 wide by 145 high
Our vertical ads are 475 wide by up to 800 high


Horizontal (Banner) ads can be placed on any page of the publication including the home page (Front page premium).

Vertical (Sidebar) ads can placed in either the right or left margin on any page of the publication.

Ads will appear in their location at a minimum on a single category page and in many cases on multiple pages within a single or multiple categories, depending on space availability.

Except for Front Page / home Page positions, our ad space is sold on a three-month contract. Special offers are often in play saving on individual campaigns. Home Page positions have a significant premium but offer maximum visibility.

Editorial: Product Profile

Whenever possible, we would like to offer our readers a closer look at the products you are promoting in School Video News. We can re-publish other product profiles that have been written on your products, ask you to write a product profile (after all: you know your products pros AND cons better than anyone), have one of our authors with experience in your product(s) field create one, or have a user write about their experiences. If you would like us to review your products, we ask that you make the product available to us.



Email Blasts

SVN will not sell our subscriber list to anyone, but we will, on your behalf, send out email blasts dedicated to your product and services. We use MailChimp for this and they recommend a width of 600 px wide and reasonable length.

We suggest and provide a three-tiered email approach:
1) The initial blast using HTML, color, anything to get the attention of the recipient;
2) A follow-up blast within a week of just plain text;
3) A follow-up to all who clicked with a “Thank you for reading/responding” type note.

Should you only want to do email blasts, we charge $71/1000 subscriber email addresses.

Geo-targeting is available.

Editorial: Articles / Lesson Plans

As a famous retailer says, “An educated consumer makes the best customer.” Your company is a recognized leader in its product niche and as a result, has a wealth of information to educate our readers. We welcome articles on current technology, lesson plans, how-to, general concepts or anything that you can craft to educate our readers. Remember, over 50% of our readers have had no real-world TV, Video or Film experience. Anything you can provide to help them educate their students is needed and greatly appreciated. We ask that you keep the content general but of course use your own technology and products as the example set.

Broadcast Center

The SVN Broadcast Center takes technology on the road to major ed-tech conferences and associations around the country. Staffed by local students of TV production, the Broadcast Center serves as a prototype studio that any school could implement.

Working closely with the hosting organization planning a major conference, SVN quickly assumes the role of a "Media Sponsor" and begins coordinating all aspects of the Broadcast Center including local TV Production students as crew and talent, space planning, electronic (ENG) news gathering, reporter assignments, and guest interview coordination.

Visit the Broadcast Center Page


Design Services

Need help designing your ad for SVN? Want us to create an email blast to reach our readers?  We can help!

With two great designers on call, we can make that ad campaign POP and get your products and services the attention they deserve.



Reader Survey / Market Research

Get to know your customer, grow your business.

The only way to keep your customers is to know exactly what they want. Guesswork and gut instinct won't cut it, so business owners and marketers turn to SVN readers to gather data about their target consumers. Use SVN surveys to research a target market, understand buying habits, get product feedback, measure customer awareness, gain new customers, and so much more.



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